Saturday, November 28, 2020

Don't Call It A Comeback!

 ...No really. I have been here for years. I wish when things were going well I was more inclined to keep this up. Blogging. writing, the artistic side of me I seem to beat up more often then not.

But as they say: "pressure busts pipes" - so here we are!

I don't have time. Time for bullshit. Time to do everything I need to do. Time to do anything I REALLY want to do. But that doesn't really matter does it? Because there are just things in this life that will wedge it's fat unwelcome ass into your schedule whether you want it there or not.

I know, I am speaking in riddles. I need a minute. A minute to figure it all out. It is all swirling around in my head bumping into things I don't think are the right fit for the reaction I want to express. I liked Tony Stark's character. He made conversations with himself outside of his head seem normal. I'd like to do that. My kids might answer me so I can't. Therefore, I will bring it all here. I'm back. Another Odyssey to go through. Another need for this place to let things out - A-FUCKING-GAIN.

I thought I retired with this bullshit but maybe not. Maybe there's more. The tests will give all the definitives. Right now, I am not 

If you are new here, reach out in the crates and check out my old and crazy self. 

If you are old: welcome back.

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