Friday, July 06, 2012

The Stalkers That Be

I don't bother with blood relatives, because they aren't worth shit. They are lieing, conniving, opportunistic, ignorant bastards who have nothing else better to do with their lives. I have a gang of cousins, I say gang because each and every one of them is more useless than the next.Drug addicts with who are disgustingly diseased with hoodrat illnesses like Lice, and Herpes.

It's funny because they try like roaches to crawl over everything I touch, hoping for that little piece of joy they can try to steal for their own. But they don't. They have fake marriages with men that beat them, or better yet they are sick prostitutes who let their daughter's father abuse their helpless dead cousin's children. They are also would be lesbians who have no idea that if you bite the hand that feeds you. Each night when I return to my home with my family I am glad for what God has given me. I know why things are how they are, and I have come to a realization as to why so many people have been shed to my life. They say to quantify the value people bring, and NONE of them added value. I added VALUE to THEIR LIVES which is why nearly a year later they still think about me, stalk me, and look for ways to "anonymously" contact me.

You have no effect.

You are irrelevant.

You mean nothing to me, my life, and you will mean even less to the children I raise.

This is your last contact. Feel free to type your fingers off - No 

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