Monday, April 09, 2012

One month Later

30 lbs...

Yes... 30 lbs...

262lbs to 232 lbs... And I stopped fasting. At the beginning of the 3rd week I got incredibly dizzy sometimes. Like have to lay in bed all day and not go anywhere dizzy and that was just not working when you have children to take care of. I started a South Beach Diet-Esque regimen of very little carbs and protien. It has been working I must say, it really has. Went to the doctor and all the obesity problems I had of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high liver enzymes are all completely gone!

While the results have been great so far, the sad part is that I am hardly noticeably slimmer. There is a noticeable amount of weight gone, but nothing before/after picture worthy. I am still very big which saddens me, but strengthens my resolve to continue. I have started running - 10 miles every other day. Running so often is not easy so in truth I speed walk 5 miles and I actually run 5, either way I am moving for at least 4 hrs a day. I have began walking - A LOT. At least 5-10 miles a day. With the added activity I hope to lose even more weight in no time!

It is exciting to be on this journey - no pills, no surgery - no shakes, no gimmicks. Just control, and exercise.

Will update more often. You deserve to know the goings -on.

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