Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello Ketosis My Old Friend...I Feel Your Effects On My Breath Again...

Desperate Fat People should be the name of the next big hit TV Show because in truth, it would be entertaining. A desperate fat person will do anything to lose weight, why do you think the weight loss industry is a billion dollar business?

One of the most desperate, yet as I am desperate I find it intriguing, ways to lose weight is the K-E Diet. Would I do this? Probably. It sounds really crazy, but I am sure it works. I am already in the process of ketosis so if I just keep up with what I am doing I am sure I will have the same effects - just longer. That's the thing about being fat. NO patience. It takes you years to eat your way into an early grave, but once you recognize how close you are to stepping in you want to expedite the reversal process.

230 lbs on wake up... Hitting the gym at night for 2 hrs cardio, 1 hr strength training.

Pray for me.

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