Friday, April 13, 2012

George Zimmermann, I know what happened...

On February 26th, 2012 a man with no girlfriend, no real group of "guys" to pal around with to invite him to the basketball game, volunteered for his communities unofficial neighborhood watch. A man who liked to puff up his image. An image built on little lies, no one could ever catch him on.
Little lies. Lies like the amount of ass he has gotten. How much money he was making. The title of his position. Lies that what would come naturally, because in him he always felt that the lies were to a truth that had not come yet. A truth he knew he could pull off if someone would ever give him a chance. He was white and Hispanic. The best of both worlds. With a Jewish last name he could fool anyone on paper and gain the upper hand in a world where everyone profiles everyone based on color.

But on February 26th, 2012 he circled blocks going over and over in his mind. The upset of people in his neighborhood. Enraging himself again and again with the thoughts that someone would enter his neighborhood and do something to his mother, brother, or someone in his family. Over and over in his head he played the scenarios of what he would do to someone should the need arise. Lessening and lessening that hesitation we all have just before the "fight or flight" mechanism kicks in.

Upon sight of Trayvon Martin he played scenarios in his head. One that ended with him being the big hero for having caught the obvious lurker who seemed shifty, foreign, and typical of someone up to no good.

There is that smudge on the film, where we don't know what exactly happen. We know that Trayvon's girlfriend heard someone say something and then silence. We know the dispatcher said don't follow and at some point George Zimmermann came out of his car.

How and why Trayvon was shot leads us back to the nature of George Zimmermann. It takes us back to the man that could always whip up a little "white lie" to save his ass, and make himself look better.

As an older child you learn the trick more quickly than your brothers
 and sisters. The one who speaks up first and most articulately is the one that gets away. That is exactly what George did. Trayvon was a menacing 130lb teenager with snarling teeth and red eyes, who lunged with a vice grip on him. Ripping the car door open and tearing him out of his car. Slamming his head to the ground and beating his nose into his face leaving him no choice but to fire his gun.

George, no one believes you. At this point, I think you realize this. But you're smart. You get it. If you turn the lie back now, you admit your guilt.

Karmaggedon will be here sooner than you know.

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