Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bleeding Out (Reader Discretion is Advised)

Technically this is day 3 of sabotage. Apparently the flood gates have been opened and the murky red waters of no pregnancy this month have been descending upon my nether regions like ferocious white water rapids. This is what fasting did for me: it got rid of the high cholesterol, the high blood pressure, the abnormal triglycerides and whatever it was from stopping my period from coming down at a normal interval.

I am happy that all the abnormalities are gone, truly I am. But the stabbing sensations of my organs being ringed out of blood way down yonder is not nice, not at all. Aside from the cramping, bloat, and overall lethargic feelings it is the sugar. The intense cravings for sugar and carbs when I am desperately trying to remain on my high protein low carb diet. I have 25 days to make an entrance at the Sweet 16 of my son's sperm donor's daughter. The misfortune I have of having to see his disgusting face along with that of the ugly bitch he married who has encouraged him to deny our son is enough to make me want to vomit. But I will do one better, I will ensure I look better than them both, (as I already do on my worst day), but I will triple make sure I am a sight to behold.

Once again - we are on a fasting kick. This time under supervision. I have the cure for my dizzy spells, and if I start now while the boy is home from school I can get passed the worst few days and be okay. this is a 21 day fast...looking to just really empty out, cleanse, and of course lose any weight possible in such a small time frame. So excited to begin again. I am 32 lbs down from when I started my last fast.... I can do this...


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