Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 4,5,6,and now 7

No - I have not fallen off the bandwagon. What I have done has been RIDICULOUSLY busy with my life. The past few days have been hard only because I WANT to eat. I don't HAVE to eat - but I want to. MY mouth and my throat is hungry - my stomach feels closed. So, what do I do?

For breakfast I have .....ice water
For lunch I have... ice water
For dinner I have...ice water

I was tempted to just stop all of this and just start eating again, but what I did when I felt weak like that is I went to YouTube and looked up "water fasting". There are tons of videos of people who are bold enough to record their journey on a Vlog, (I am not one of them.) When all is said and done I will post before and after pics, but for now my "help" is getting reinforced encouragement by the before and after of others who have already come full circle with their fast. It has definitely been helping!

***One side effect I noticed is my chin EXPLODED with zits. I have hyper pigmentation so it feels like I have brown M&M's all over my chin, hopefully it will clear. ***

Talk tomorrow...stay strong.

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