Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leaking Privacy

Dear Friends,

I do not want to know when you are in the bathroom. If you are waiting online at Wendy's. Or if you are still driving and texting but just almost had an accident.

It is funny how so many people will argue to not have their internet activity recorded or cataloged but they give in to the intrusion of Facebook. Log into an app, pinpoint your exact location, Facebook is now giving you the option to track your every move in life and giddily most people download the new feature and give in.

I have nothing to hide. There is nothing I am fearful of people finding but there is a reason why I have doors on rooms in my home and curtains on my windows. There is something called privacy.
You request it when you go to the bathroom.

Or when someone who does not know you asks a very personal question.

Privacy is something that does not mean you are doing something shady. It means that there are things in your life you do not feel is the world's business.

The people who give in so easily without so much of an afterthought are the kinds of people who begin arguments with, "you don't know me".

Should you find yourself engaged with one of these people you can safely say, "No hunny! I DO KNOW YOU, I know where you were last night, what time you went to sleep, where you ate last week and the last time you were late!

Why is the world full of idiots? Aren't we full yet?

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