Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dear Kimmy K: Why Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

There is something to be said about people who are highly impulsive and have total disregard for consequence. before the ink had time to dry on the pre-nup Kimmy K decides that marriage is just not for her.

Now - we are all allowed the opportunity as Americans  to make our own choices, but see in the case of Kim Kardashian who makes money on allowing people to view her train wreck of a life as it happens she is willing to be paid for criticism. She wants you to love her or hate her, because either way she is in the spotlight and can find a way to be paid for it.

She pretended to be "normal" and "moralistic' in the hopes of finding someone decent to attach her name to. Like a vampire sucking the wholesome goodness out of them in an effort to revamp her own trampy image. See if she married a nice guy, and played the victim, then maybe, just maybe the world would see her as a nice girl and not the materialistic, dead fish in bed amateur porno star who poses naked for photo shoots and wants to cry because the pictures are published. She has gone around in every high end amenity possible and insisted that she is really just looking for love and just a good person.

When you make a mockery of something like marriage, you deserve the consequences you get. See when you are in love with someone, the world stops. You take their last name, because if you are truly in love the "impulsive" factor comes in, and you don't think about your brand. Or DO think about your brand and use it for what it is, a stage name. Why would Kris want to be with a "brand" when he desperately tried to marry the girl?

Your donations to charity? Really? Unless it is KIMMY"S WANTS AND NEEDS .ORG I highly doubt you have given to charity. YOU PUBLICIZE EVERYTHING YOU DO - so what about donating to charity makes you suddenly want to be quiet and sacred?

Of all the pictures you have taken the one of you full of shit, should be the one plastered on newspapers worldwide. You will be a lonely miserable little girl Ms. Kardashian until the day you grow up and decide to be a woman.

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