Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Steve Jobs Taught The World

Back when I was a squirming infant in my grandmother's arms Steve Jobs decided to piss on college and do what he wanted to do. This college drop out knew he had an intelligence no piece of paper could quantify. His business was founded in his parents garage and as opposed for being embarrassed about that fact and discounting his reality of being jobless with a project he was trying to build at home he continued to push and strive. He introduced the MacIntosh to a world where computers were being made in very intricate laboratories and held his head up high as he introduced his labor of love that he wrapped himself, and transported his way. There were no employees, no distribution department, nothing other than his own blood sweat and tears. When his company took off and he was ousted as the head of the company, he did not commit suicide because someone robbed him, he started something else. The NEXT company and PIXAR were blessed to have the unoccupied mind of jobs to take them over and I don't think I need to detail the many successes of PIXAR.

Steve Jobs showed us that your last name did not have to be recognizable or considerably ethnic in order to make it in this world.

He showed us that if you worked hard on your ideas and did not allow someone to trample your dreams you can succeed.

You do not have to conform to the masses, your brilliance can be what the masses conform to.

College is useful, but trust your gut.

I am sure there are quite a bit more, and I hope to replenish this list often. But this is what I learned from Steve Jobs.

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