Friday, July 06, 2012

Rabid Dogs

My life has been full the last year and a half. I fell off the face of the earth because I have been caring for my cousin's daughter. I don't have time to edit my manuscript. I don't have time to pursue the life I wanted, because my cousin was not being "watched" and some asshole took advantage of her mental capacity and had sex with her, resulting in the most beautiful little girl in the world. I had hoped that when I acquired her it was temporary. I had hoped that I would babysit and give her back to the family she was born into, but unfortunately God had other plans for her.

Her family is crazy. Then again crazy is actually an understatement. Her family, which was once my family believes that it is okay to live on the system indefinitely and have as many children as you want. IT is okay because there will always be something that exist called charity. Her family believes that although they walk around with children that have lice, or knowing sleep in a bed with bed bugs and place children on it as well it is the wicked devil that intervenes and removes these children. In their eyes it is okay for them to curse, smoke, drink and judge others because coming to church once or twice a week and bowing their heads brings them closer to God than you are. They earn the right because while you slept Sunday morning and got up in time to catch the end of Joel Osteen, they were dressed and walked into "God's house".

I fought for this baby, in court and won. No longer allowing the delirium of my "love" for my family sway my opinion for the obvious. My relatives suck. They are a bunch of leeches who will use you for anything you can give them and the minute they don't get their way will turn on you like a rabid dog.

What do you do with rabid dogs? What I should have done with my relatives a long time ago. Accept that their is an illness that has ravaged their body so much that they will never be like you once knew them to be. No amount of love, or care will ever bring back the sanity required to be normal and as such they have to be let go. The baby is in good hands, my hands thank God. Her mother has every right to see her, and that will never be impeded, but the poison also known as her family they don't get the right. They are all rabid dogs who cannot be helped.

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