Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Treachery of Pakistan And The Things Obama Can Do Better

I voted for Obama. I remembered how the good years of my life fell under an administration lead by Bill Clinton, and decided that after George W. Bush fucked everything up, I needed to let a Democrat come in and try to fix it. While I have seen some changes under Obama, and I am trying to stay patient for the rest that is to come, there are some things that If eel are blatantly obvious that he is either ignoring, or blissfully unaware of.

1. FUCK PACKISTAN. It has been reported that Pakistan has arrested all the informants who helped the U.S. catch Bin Laden. Hmmm... So this country that we give money to, and who is supposed to be our ally, has now arrested the people who helped us get to out "shared" goal? CUT THEIR FUCKING FUNDING. From the minute matching silver bracelets were placed on the wrists of the informants funding should have immediately stopped. Pakistan's obvious upset is all the evidence needed to prove that their is some griminess going on, and our hard earned money that could be helping OUR less fortunate should have no part in it.

2. Drug tests for welfare recipients. If I find one more non-working person show up to an interview better dressed than me that was referred by their "case worker" I am going to scream. We are paying for the "dime" bags of the masses in the slums of cities worldwide. If they can manage to collect a check, they can manage to submit to random drug testing. In order to get a job I need to be clean, why aren't the same guidelines in effect for people looking for free money?

3. Welfare/Unemployment recipients should volunteer. I was on unemployment 99 weeks, and while I made use of my time I could imagine ways it could have been better spent. On unemployment recipients are obligated to appear for job fairs and workshops, why not take part of that day to give community service? It would help the country. Help the recipient make connections. If every person was obligated one day with threat of losing benefits if they reneg we could get a lot accomplished.

4. Put Inmates to Work. What happened to the chain gangs? Why can't inmates paint cars or planes or do free repairs for cars or mechanical items? Insurance companies could use the free labor, and keep insurance rates low. By just providing materials, and maybe a very minimal stipend to the government as well as the inmate we can have cars fixed and returned to insurance carriers. The idle hands that spawn the devil's playground of pants hanging off the ass and rampant gangs could leave the facility with a workable trade.

5. Wall Street Regulations. BETTER BE IN EFFECT! After all the money issued to these mofos the thought that they have recovered and are not giving the country its money back with interest makes me sick to my stomach. As well as the stiff regulation that has still not gone into effect to prevent the meltdown from happening again has not been fleshed out. WHAT is GOING ON!?!?!?

Obama - we need to chit chat homey. I'll help you landslide the next election.

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JD said...

I read that after Georgia scared all the immigrants out of their state, they tried hiring parolees to pick their crops. Most of them walked off the job on the first day (too hot, backbreakding work). Crops now rotting in the fields with no one to pick them in Georgia.

Nice work, red states.