Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Recent Carnival Splendor Guests:

Shut the fuck up.

No. Really-shut the fuck up!

You were stranded for a few days on a luxury cruise ship. SAY IT WITH ME - LUXURY CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUISE!
Some of you disembarked talking so much shit. Ok, yea - you paid for a vacation and guess what? Things went bad! - SH*T HAPPENS! Be pissed, get your money back OF COURSE but the level of exaggeration is beyond ridiculous at this point.

"I felt like I was on a prison ship"
 Really? Really you did? Where you were able to walk around freely and wear your own stuff and three days later walk off freely and know you are home - was it really PRISON????

"They're fine but worn out emotionally..."
OVER WHAT!?!?!?! Do you know how long Katrina lasted? Do you know there are American citizens in a little place called - O I dunno... PUERTO RICO where power goes out on a regular basis and sometimes you don't have running water so you put on a bathing suit head to the backyard with a bar of soap and do you???

"You stand in line for two hours just to get your food because everybody goes to the same place to pick up their food. Then once you get your food, you look for something to do. People are playing cards. People are standing around, just kind of talking. They're getting to socialize."
Um... weren't you doing that E-KNEE-WAY before the power went out???

"The so-called Spam cruise may sound funny to some outsiders watching TV, but it's not funny to those who were on it."
NEWS FLASH! SPAM is sold in grocery stores all over the country. It is an edible food that a lot of poor people have as a staple in their diet. If you are so "bougie" that a piece of SPAM crossing your lips merits psychological damage boy, I am glad, VERY GLAD I was raised poor and the School of Hard Knocks prepared me enough to enjoy myself on MY VACATION if that were me.

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wildcats623 said...

I agree, get over it SHIT Happens. I am sure Carnival didn't plan for this to happen. They lost their ass on this cruise too. My wife and I have been on 16 Carnival cruises and have 5 more booked. Yes we were even on the SPLENDOR as it went around the tip of South America in Feb. 2009. It really is a remarkable ship but sometimes things go wrong. Give them a break!!