Monday, October 11, 2010


When I was a kid I always found history fascinating. Stories of things that happened long ago that always seemed to revolve around ways of thinking that in my young mind seemed so outdated, so outlandish - I was certain that the miffs of ancient could never take place again.

Then history begins to get closer, and no longer are we talking about people who wore curtains for clothes and walked around barefoot, but people who built things I can still see and visit, like the pyramids and castles, and things that are still standing because weather and time have not taken them away.

Things like the Salem witch trials, Slavery, the blood diamond trade scare me. No longer can I say we have evolved as human beings to not thing of dumb things like separating people because of their skin, or believe that someone can perform witchcraft. Truth be told - we haven't.

We as a people still have the misfortune of being dumb. Of needing something like education, and the instillation of morals to make us into productive members of society. Everyone wishes they could fight every ounce of hatred in the world. Scaling it back and dismembering it to the four winds until it dissipated into an oblivion where it could never fester again - but your sword arm gets tired.

Every day there is a new class of idiot born, who knowing less than the person who gave him the slight information he is going on will begin a fresh wave of evil to keep the hatred ring churning. Going around in whispers of the night to proclaim untrue things in an attempt to spread fear like wildfire and damage good people.

There is one person who can judge in this world, and just because you tote around a book that you feel brings you closer to him does not make YOU that person. Learn to focus on your own life and making it the best life you can have. And when you feel the moment come upon you where you have to look and point at how someone else is choosing to live their short life, look down at the 3 fingers pointing back at you and realize you are being outnumbered and take yourself to task instead.

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