Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today I Am Angry

I am angry that my cousin had a baby she can't take care of and now it is my responsibility.

I am angry that my family is insane.

I am angry that my cousin took a responsibility to care for children knowing that she couldn't and does not think about what is best for them, only about herself.

I am angry one of my cousin's who has no idea what she is talking about spues hatred and always tries to play the victim.

I am angry I am not on the job already.

I am angry that the justice process takes so long.

I am angry that when I call my cousin to help me with HER baby she can't do the right thing. But I take care of a child that is not mine every day and no one thinks that I am not HER mother and I am not OBLIGATED, I do it because she has no one and I am kind.

I am angry that no matter how hard I try things always seem to come out wrong.

I am angry my manuscript still is not ready.

I am angry that I don't get a restful sleep.

I am angry my son has health problems.

Today - I am ANGRY.

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