Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It Amazes Me

It really and truly does. Sometimes I really get engrossed in the concept of sociology. Most specifically that of mob mentality. You look at the LA Riots and how people just went INSANE over something that was TOLD TO THEM on the news. The thought that words projected forth from the month can awaken such an animalistic reaction in people is scary. I think about the Salem witch hunts and how people rumored to do something that was never proven had mobs of people chaining people up and tossing them in water to see if they can illicit some supernatural power that can cause them to float.

This argument about the mosque in downtown Manhattan. The same people who rub elbows with their gay friends Saturday night, sit in the pews of their contradictory Catholic Church Sunday morning and listen to sermons about condemnation and the devil argue that the religious right of another should be impede upon. The worst of it - is that people listen.

Don't get me wrong. I do not want another 911 nor do I think if that mosque has anything to do with those people should it be put up anywhere on American soil...HOWEVER... not every Mosque has something to do with terrorism. If we are to press upon a civil right we need to do it for the right reasons not out of fear for what savages who presented themselves as people of faith have instilled in us.

There are people who suffer needlessly by the hand of the careless ignorance of others. The Sudanese women and children that are raped by militias who think they are gods because of blood diamonds thrive on ignorance and perpetuate it every moment they can.

At some point every human brain should reach a point of evolution that ignorance is no longer prevalent. We should be able to filter the bullshit from the reality. We should all be able to reach a conundrum and take the most logical of routes.

Or we can stay as dumb as a post and have moments of  De Ja Vu for the entire time of human existence.

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