Tuesday, July 06, 2010

M. Night Shyamalan

Some guys have all the luck.

Some guys have all the pain.

Some guys get all the breaks.

Some guys do nothing but complain.

M. Night Shyamalan is the writer, director and producer of The Last Airbender. A new movie just recently released based off of the popular cartoon serial Avatar - The Last Airbender. 

Mr. Shyamalan sucks.

He had one great movie called the Sixth Sense that people have raved about and apparently had his head gassed up ever since. He has continued to steadily regurgitate movies and serve them to us every few years or so. After the Sixth Sense his steady decline has been an insult to consumers everywhere.

The Sixth Sense gave him the money to throw elaborate sets together and the clout to get professional graphic artists to help hype up the horse manure he packs on a reel of film and submits to movie houses worldwide. We as mesmerized consumers get the "oo look shiny" effect of the glitz and glam of his trailers and posters. Next thing you know, credits are rolling and we are wishing for 2 hours of our lives back. Our asses have the woven impression of the seats we paid $11.50 to sit in disbelief at the crap that just molested our eyes. He has taken something great like THE AVATAR and made it an elementary school play. A CORNY Kindergarten School play.

His pronunciation of the character names are uncomfortable. Who the hell is "UNG?" The character is "ANG", at least be respectful of their names! The dialogue is painful. The way even the more seasoned actors play out the dialogue makes me think he has something on them and is blackmailing them to do the movie in the first place.

Here is to hoping M. Night Shyamalan has another hobby in the works besides film making. At this point I think his named to be changed to I. Thinku Shouldnt (think of making another movie).



CocteauBoy said...

(whoops, you can delete that other one!)

AGREED!! Airbender was a frackin fart.

I kinda liked SIGNS, though. Apparently, though, his next "original" film is a huge, blockbuster, all-star cast: UNTITLED Some have defended him in that the films he's done since Sixth Sense have been others' films, so this 2012 film is his return. We'll see.

CocteauBoy said...