Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Year Plans

I turned 34 June 24th, in one year I can run for President. This birthday has had me reflecting on my life in so many ways it was almost not a birthday but an awakening. There are so many things I have planned that have yet to come to fruition. Most are okay to let go because my life has now changed and there is no longer a need for them. Then there are some I just cannot let go.

When my son was born I had a plan for our lives. I wanted him to grow up on a block in East Cupcake where he was best friends with the neighbor's kid and when it was time for high school I would know words such as Junior Varsity, Varsity and homecoming.

Every year I would start a 5 year plan that will get me closer to the life I wanted for my son. Now he is 12, almost 13 and coming home with Specialized High School books that leave me terrified at the prospect of him going to an inner city school and never knowing the life I had laid out in my mind for him.

I went to an inner city school, and had an amazing academic career, but that was before these inner city schools became the wild wild west.

I am holding firm to my belief in myself, to the goals I have laid forth. Although, I am nearing year 5 of my last 5 year plan, I am confident things will be okay.

I have always been a last minute achiever.


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