Monday, May 17, 2010


My good friend Jane and I walked the 10 mile New York City AIDS Walk.Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a walk. Somewhere after the third checkpoint, when some eloquent soul voiced what we all felt outloud,-"I feel like I have a headache in both my legs!"- Jane and I realized the desperate need for Fashion Police citations during this wholesome event. First, the "no-no's". Heeled boots for 10 miles? then taking the time to do the roach stomping bachata dance? Child. I know this morning when you woke up and the sole of your feet look like a sheet of bubble wrap, you regretted your choice to try and look cute.

Better yet, how about any of the Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome Series boots. YEA! It worked for Mel Gibson! Walking miles as a nomad - I am sure the girl who does your pedicure will LOVE the fermenting scent of Sardines as your feet slowly bake and swell to twice their size in these!

O wait! How about the cutie flat shoes! I mean, who wouldn't LOVE to feel barefoot for 10 miles! By the time you make it to the balloon arch finish line, your feet swell to Fred Flintstone size!
What if you can't decide on the sandals? I mean Old Navy sells them for $5 now! Maybe you can switch every few miles, to make a stylish fashion statement. 

Shout out to the idiots we saw limping in on the home stretch in brand new sneakers, and no socks.

To all you kind-hearted dummies who came out for a great cause yesterday.
Thank you, for doing your part to eradicate a disease that should have never existed, and 
I hope you all enjoyed a Motrin sandwich last night.

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JD said...

My hip is barking like an old junkyard dog this morning.

That was a seriously fun day.